The 2022 Players' Championship
Signups are open for the 2022 Players' Championship, the official Strat-O-Matic Baseball 365 tournament played with the 2021 season player set! There's 5 guaranteed rounds, plus a Semi-Finals round, and the final Champions League to determine the overall winner! Make sure to sign up today!

LEAGUE: PC 2012 Event 1 League 5

Player Set: 2011 season
Skill Level: Tournament
Draft type: Auto List Draft
Salary Cap: $80,000,000
FA Drop Penalty: 20% [?]
DH Rule: yes
Waivers: yes
Postseason Format: 2 rounds: Best-of-7, Best-of-7
Opening Day: Monday, Oct. 1, 2012
Managers may own multiple teams: no

East Division

Alameda Sinister Sweep (88-74)
Camden Yards 2011

Pitchers T P $M
Kershaw, C. L P 9.67M
Wilson, C. L P 6.10M
Bumgarner, M. L P 5.33M
Sabathia, C. L P 4.31M
Outman, J. L P .50M
Venters, J. L P 4.43M
Marmol, C. R P 1.53M
Chapman, A. L P 1.02M
Rodriguez, H. R P .94M
Rzepczynski, M. L P .86M
Hitters B P $M
Kottaras, G. L C 2.46M
Arencibia, J. R C 1.71M
Howard, R. L 1B 5.18M
Kipnis, J. L 2B 2.41M
Weeks, J. S 2B 1.92M
Burriss, E. S 2B .50M
Francisco, J. L 3B 2.06M
Laroche, A. R 3B 1.00M
Hardy, J. R SS 5.70M
Duncan, S. R LF 3.85M
Sands, J. R LF 2.32M
Oeltjen, T. L LF 1.24M
Burrell, P. R LF .87M
Gomes, J. R LF .82M
Granderson, C. L CF 7.42M
Joyce, M. L RF 5.10M
Roster Total 79.25M
Cash .12M
Total Value 79.37M

Time Passages (85-77)
Wrigley Field 2011

Pitchers T P $M
Pineda, M. R P 4.83M
Greinke, Z. R P 3.53M
Beachy, B. R P 3.23M
Lilly, T. L P 2.42M
Morrow, B. R P 1.95M
Mujica, E. R P 3.01M
Bailey, A. R P 2.62M
Isringhausen, J. R P .59M
Atchison, S. R P .51M
Gonzalez, M. L P .50M
Hitters B P $M
Wieters, M. S C 4.55M
Pena, B. S C .62M
Gonzalez, A. L 1B 10.00M
Phillips, B. R 2B 8.21M
Barney, D. R 2B 1.33M
Longoria, E. R 3B 6.78M
Kelly, D. L 3B 1.10M
Morel, B. R 3B 1.06M
Escobar, A. R SS 3.38M
Gonzalez, C. L LF 7.10M
Jones, A. R CF 4.37M
Campana, T. L CF 1.04M
Bruce, J. L RF 6.50M
Guerrero, V. R DH .65M
Roster Total 79.88M
Cash .12M
Total Value 80.00M

Plymouth GrapeSmashers (83-79)
Rangers Ballpark 2011

Pitchers T P $M
Price, D. L P 4.20M
Hernandez, F. R P 3.57M
Hudson, D. R P 3.14M
Dickey, R. R P 2.53M
Willis, D. L P .54M
Rivera, M. R P 5.36M
Benoit, J. R P 3.31M
Affeldt, J. L P 1.96M
Perez, R. L P .80M
Gomes, B. R P .79M
Hitters B P $M
Santana, C. S C 4.33M
Rodriguez, I. R C .75M
Morales, J. S C .60M
Fielder, P. L 1B 7.36M
Uggla, D. R 2B 1.12M
Gonzalez, A. R 2B .74M
Descalso, D. L 3B 2.01M
Ryan, B. R SS 4.19M
Janish, P. R SS .56M
Braun, R. R LF 9.61M
Soriano, A. R LF .52M
Kemp, M. R CF 12.80M
Revere, B. L CF 1.10M
Pence, H. R RF 7.65M
Roster Total 79.54M
Cash .30M
Total Value 79.84M

Motown B Squad (74-88)
Progressive Fld 2011

Pitchers T P $M
Nova, I. R P 3.17M
Alvarez, H. R P 3.00M
Rodriguez, W. L P 2.46M
Jurrjens, J. R P 2.28M
Wolf, R. L P 2.21M
Papelbon, J. R P 4.76M
Aceves, A. R P 4.40M
Cruz, J. R P .86M
Soriano, R. R P .83M
Wood, B. R P .77M
Lopez, W. R P .74M
Soria, J. R P .71M
Hitters B P $M
McCann, B. L C 3.83M
Cruz, T. R C 1.31M
Helton, T. L 1B 6.34M
Giambi, J. L 1B 6.24M
Pacheco, J. R 1B 1.20M
Walker, N. S 2B 3.79M
Sandoval, P. S 3B 6.38M
Wood, B. R 3B .99M
Barmes, C. R SS 2.49M
Jeter, D. R SS 2.13M
Crisp, C. S CF 2.11M
Davis, R. R CF 1.61M
Beltran, C. S RF 7.48M
Berkman, L. S RF 6.50M
Kotsay, M. L RF 1.41M
Roster Total 80.00M
Cash .00M
Total Value 80.00M

Central Division

Uranium City Atomic Ooze (85-77)
Great Amer. Bpk 2011

Pitchers T P $M
Fister, D. R P 7.17M
Halladay, R. R P 7.04M
Lincecum, T. R P 6.63M
Marcum, S. R P 5.39M
Colon, B. R P .83M
Williams, J. R P .50M
Bass, A. R P 2.08M
Qualls, C. R P .63M
Street, H. R P .61M
Bell, T. R P .50M
Hitters B P $M
Castro, R. R C 1.19M
Jaso, J. L C .67M
Guzman, J. R 1B 5.57M
Rizzo, A. L 1B .50M
Ackley, D. L 2B 2.70M
Kennedy, A. L 2B .64M
Encarnacion, E. R 3B 1.57M
Vizquel, O. S 3B .64M
Peralta, J. R SS 2.94M
Jennings, D. R LF 6.63M
Young, C. R CF 4.65M
Bautista, J. R RF 11.76M
Stanton, M. R RF 7.24M
Young, M. L RF .50M
Roster Total 78.58M
Cash .10M
Total Value 78.68M

East Wareham Tourney Warrior (82-80)
Progressive Fld 2011

Pitchers T P $M
Hamels, C. L P 7.03M
Kennedy, I. R P 5.78M
Garza, M. R P 5.00M
Garcia, J. L P 2.81M
Russell, J. L P .50M
Farnsworth, K. R P 2.73M
De Los Santos, F. R P .88M
Breslow, C. L P .59M
Camp, S. R P .50M
Crow, A. R P .50M
Hitters B P $M
Avila, A. L C 7.26M
Mathis, J. R C .50M
Votto, J. L 1B 9.53M
Ortiz, D. L 1B 6.95M
Herrera, J. S 2B .91M
Dinkelman, B. L 2B .50M
Ramirez, A. R 3B 6.30M
Reyes, J. S SS 7.09M
Carroll, J. R SS 3.16M
Bourgeois, J. R CF 1.83M
Dyson, J. L CF .60M
Ethier, A. L RF 4.12M
Cruz, N. R RF 3.73M
Hairston, S. R RF 1.20M
Roster Total 80.00M
Cash .00M
Total Value 80.00M

JUMBO TRON'S (79-83)
Nationals Park 2011

Pitchers T P $M
Baker, S. R P 3.90M
Maholm, P. L P 2.75M
Bedard, E. L P 2.52M
Eovaldi, N. R P 2.30M
Jackson, E. R P .69M
Salas, F. R P 4.56M
Guerra, J. R P 2.56M
Feliz, N. R P 1.82M
Mota, G. R P 1.10M
Dunn, M. L P .88M
Laffey, A. L P .50M
Hitters B P $M
Martin, R. R C 2.93M
Flores, J. R C .51M
Hosmer, E. L 1B 4.57M
Gload, R. L 1B .50M
Kendrick, H. R 2B 5.51M
Izturis, M. S 2B 3.57M
Infante, O. R 2B 2.92M
Miles, A. S 2B .98M
Aviles, M. R 3B 1.47M
Theriot, R. R SS 1.21M
Gordon, A. L LF 8.12M
Gardner, B. L LF 4.46M
Cabrera, M. S CF 5.45M
Mayberry Jr., J. R CF 5.35M
Bernadina, R. L CF 1.82M
Roster Total 72.95M
Cash .33M
Total Value 73.28M

Dallas Matrix (68-94)
Minute Maid Park 2011

Pitchers T P $M
Kuroda, H. R P 2.28M
Holland, D. L P 2.04M
Santana, E. R P 1.83M
Saunders, J. L P 1.39M
Owings, M. R P .50M
Bell, H. R P 2.58M
Wilson, B. R P 1.64M
Frieri, E. R P .77M
Ziegler, B. R P .76M
Sherrill, G. L P .68M
Arredondo, J. R P .59M
Dumatrait, P. L P .50M
Hitters B P $M
Martinez, V. S C 5.19M
Montero, M. L C 4.85M
Hill, K. S C .50M
Powell, L. S C .50M
Konerko, P. R 1B 6.25M
Pedroia, D. R 2B 9.52M
Raburn, R. R 2B 1.06M
Wilson, J. R 2B .50M
Amezaga, A. S 2B .50M
Beltre, A. R 3B 6.50M
Tulowitzki, T. R SS 9.98M
Bonifacio, E. S SS 5.05M
McCoy, M. R SS .65M
Pierre, J. L LF 1.28M
Ellsbury, J. L CF 11.31M
Wise, D. L CF .50M
Roster Total 79.70M
Cash .30M
Total Value 80.00M

West Division

Santa Fe Iron Men (92-70)
Minute Maid Park 2011

Pitchers T P $M
Shields, J. R P 6.13M
Gonzalez, G. L P 5.69M
Masterson, J. R P 4.96M
Sanchez, A. R P 3.11M
Matusz, B. L P .50M
Kimbrel, C. R P 5.05M
Motte, J. R P 3.30M
Cassevah, B. R P 1.51M
Coffey, T. R P .63M
Schlereth, D. L P .50M
Hitters B P $M
Mauer, J. L C 2.40M
Cervelli, F. R C 1.27M
Pujols, A. R 1B 7.92M
Hudson, O. S 2B 2.20M
Valdez, W. R 2B 1.03M
Lawrie, B. R 3B 7.26M
Forsythe, L. R 3B .66M
Cabrera, A. S SS 5.56M
Lowrie, J. S SS .72M
Martinez, J. R LF 2.48M
Crawford, C. L LF 2.26M
Victorino, S. S CF 7.96M
Venable, W. L RF 2.97M
Smith, S. L RF 1.94M
Denorfia, C. R RF 1.90M
Roster Total 79.91M
Cash .09M
Total Value 80.00M

Biddo Bashers (89-73)
US Cellular Fld 2011

Pitchers T P $M
Verlander, J. R P 9.80M
Johnson, J. R P 9.21M
Latos, M. R P 3.00M
Peavy, J. R P 2.28M
Jimenez, U. R P 1.18M
Jansen, K. R P 5.05M
Walden, J. R P 1.48M
Stutes, M. R P .79M
Wood, K. R P .78M
Lopez, J. L P .64M
Beato, P. R P .59M
Hitters B P $M
Shoppach, K. R C 1.26M
Cabrera, M. R 1B 10.74M
Posada, J. S 1B 1.19M
Cano, R. L 2B 8.04M
Jones, C. S 3B 4.20M
Andrus, E. R SS 5.20M
McDonald, J. R SS 1.01M
Jones, A. R LF 3.26M
Pena, W. R LF .50M
Torres, A. S CF 1.06M
Lillibridge, B. R RF 4.52M
Quentin, C. R RF 2.21M
Suzuki, I. L RF 1.73M
Roster Total 79.72M
Cash .28M
Total Value 80.00M

BlackRock Shooters (80-82)
Petco Park 2011

Pitchers T P $M
Lee, C. L P 6.74M
Hudson, T. R P 5.98M
Cueto, J. R P 5.45M
Leake, M. R P 2.27M
Karstens, J. R P 1.47M
Litsch, J. R P 1.36M
Gorzelanny, T. L P .64M
League, B. R P 3.37M
Loe, K. R P 2.58M
Ayala, L. R P .94M
Badenhop, B. R P .91M
Hitters B P $M
Hanigan, R. R C 4.06M
Chirinos, R. R C .65M
Kotchman, C. L 1B 5.54M
Zobrist, B. S 2B 8.25M
Weeks, R. R 2B 1.13M
Wilson, J. R 2B .75M
Roberts, R. R 3B 3.99M
Drew, S. L SS 2.93M
Ramirez, H. R SS 1.47M
Holliday, M. R LF 7.26M
Parra, G. L LF 4.95M
Young Jr., E. S LF .50M
Bourn, M. L CF 6.56M
Roster Total 79.75M
Cash .25M
Total Value 80.00M

Bayside Black Sox (67-95) Coliseum 2011

Pitchers T P $M
Weaver, J. R P 6.72M
Haren, D. R P 5.70M
Beckett, J. R P 5.06M
Vogelsong, R. R P 4.79M
Lester, J. L P 3.07M
Lannan, J. L P .62M
Adams, M. R P 5.29M
Downs, S. L P 3.70M
Perkins, G. L P 2.39M
Macdougal, M. R P .58M
Hitters B P $M
Molina, Y. R C 6.64M
Rivera, R. R C .50M
Butler, B. R 1B 4.78M
Andino, R. R 2B 2.21M
Schumaker, S. L 2B .63M
Dobbs, G. L 3B .98M
Everett, A. R 3B .56M
Ramirez, A. R SS 3.70M
Gordon, D. L SS .85M
Dewitt, B. L LF .50M
Morgan, N. L CF 3.08M
Upton, J. R RF 7.12M
Cuddyer, M. R RF 4.17M
Dickerson, C. L RF .87M
Roster Total 74.51M
Cash .42M
Total Value 74.93M

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