LEAGUE: Barnstormers 2015 Event #3 - League #12

Player Set: ATG 8
Skill Level: Advanced
Draft type: Auto List Draft
Salary Cap: $80,000,000
FA Drop Penalty: 5/10/20% [?]
DH Rule: no
Waivers: yes
Postseason Format: 2 rounds: Best-of-7, Best-of-7
Opening Day: Monday, Jun. 13, 2016
Managers may own multiple teams: no

Open to the public but a few Barnstormers stragglers will be given the choice to come here rather than lose their chance to play in Event #3 - EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO PLAY IN THIS LEAGUE. It will fill when it fills.

East Division

Barn Stormers (83-79)
Griffith Stadium '24

Pitchers T P $M
Candelaria, J. (1983) L P 3.36M
Tanana, F. (1979) L P 3.30M
Collum, J. (1955) L P 2.99M
Bordi, R. (1984) R P 2.39M
Bennett, D. (1967) L P 1.96M
Franco, J. (1988) L P 4.66M
Narleski, R. (1954) R P 3.62M
Myers, R. (1990) L P 3.16M
McClure, B. (1989) L P 2.52M
Elston, D. (1959) R P 2.22M
Hitters B P $M
Bassler, J. (1923) L C 3.15M
Hershberger, W. (1940) R C 1.22M
Brouthers, D. (1889) L 1B 6.75M
Myer, B. (1935) L 2B 6.32M
Boggs, W. (1986) L 3B 7.32M
Appling, L. (1936) R SS 7.62M
Templeton, G. (1984) S SS .52M
Weintraub, P. (1934) L LF 2.39M
Frazier, L. (1994) S LF .76M
Cardenal, J. (1980) R LF .58M
Ashburn, R. (1958) L CF 4.86M
Wagner, H. (1900) R RF 6.55M
Collins, S. (1920) R RF 1.28M
Marshall, W. (1955) L RF .50M
Roster Total 80.00M
Cash .00M
Total Value 80.00M

Baton Rouge Extra Men (83-79)
Camden Yards 2005

Pitchers T P $M
Chesbro, J. (1904) R P 8.86M
Denny, J. (1978) R P 4.60M
McNally, D. (1966) L P 3.65M
Hurst, B. (1992) L P 2.62M
Haas, M. (1982) R P .59M
Dibble, R. (1990) R P 4.01M
Andersen, L. (1988) R P 1.32M
DiPino, F. (1986) L P 1.00M
McMahon, D. (1959) R P .97M
Myers, M. (2002) L P .65M
Hitters B P $M
Carter, G. (1980) R C 6.58M
Lopata, S. (1950) R C .59M
Randle, L. (1974) S 2B 1.23M
Richardson, B. (1961) R 2B .95M
Rodriguez, A. (2005) R 3B 10.33M
Tabor, J. (1941) R 3B 1.73M
Salazar, L. (1984) R 3B .61M
Henderson, R. (1982) R LF 5.37M
Kingman, D. (1975) R LF 1.42M
Johnson, A. (1964) R LF .95M
Brown, B. (1984) S LF .56M
Mays, W. (1957) R CF 11.11M
Pepitone, J. (1970) L CF 1.40M
Abreu, B. (1999) L RF 8.78M
Roster Total 79.88M
Cash .12M
Total Value 80.00M

Milwaukee Bombers (76-86)
Polo Grounds '41

Pitchers T P $M
Currie, R. (NeL) R P 2.29M
Knowles, D. (1973) L P 1.65M
Frock, S. (1909) R P 1.61M
Wickware, F. (NeL) R P 1.34M
Sutton, D. (1982) R P 1.32M
Maxwell, B. (1911) R P .91M
Murray, D. (1974) R P 5.99M
Watt, E. (1973) R P 1.48M
Shawkey, B. (1927) R P 1.19M
Garman, M. (1977) R P .77M
Hitters B P $M
Piazza, M. (1997) R C 9.93M
Ashby, A. (1980) S C .98M
McGwire, M. (1996) R 1B 8.80M
Sweeney, B. (1911) R 2B 5.78M
Mazeroski, B. (1971) R 2B .71M
Ripken Jr., C. (1999) R 3B 3.65M
Rollins, J. (2010) S SS 1.61M
Cassidy, J. (1904) R SS .62M
Picciolo, R. (1979) R SS .50M
Williams, T. (1946) L LF 10.70M
Clark, B. (1982) R LF .61M
Griffey Jr., K. (1994) L CF 9.91M
Cline, T. (1967) L CF .85M
Gonzalez, J. (1996) R RF 6.70M
Roster Total 79.90M
Cash .10M
Total Value 80.00M

Gotham Crusaders A (65-97)
Anaheim Stadium '78

Pitchers T P $M
Hubbell, C. (1936) L P 8.76M
Kerr, D. (1919) L P 4.62M
Mullin, G. (1906) R P 4.28M
Flores, J. (1944) R P 3.77M
Faber, R. (1919) R P 1.74M
Culp, R. (1964) R P 1.65M
Konstanty, J. (1950) R P 3.75M
McBean, A. (1965) R P 1.39M
Caster, G. (1941) R P 1.06M
Gould, A. (1917) R P .67M
Hitters B P $M
Battey, E. (1964) R C 2.92M
Lynn, B. (1919) R C .50M
Greenberg, H. (1940) R 1B 7.98M
Collins, E. (1919) L 2B 7.97M
Simmons, H. (1912) R 2B .50M
Bloodworth, J. (1950) R 2B .50M
Robinson, B. (1966) R 3B 4.30M
Vergez, J. (1931) R 3B .98M
Petrocelli, R. (1969) R SS 7.51M
Snodgrass, F. (1912) R LF 3.03M
Jackson, J. (1906) R LF .73M
Pinson, V. (1959) L CF 7.22M
Dimaggio, V. (1942) R CF 2.74M
Cramer, D. (1944) L CF .72M
Davis, K. (1936) R CF .70M
Roster Total 79.99M
Cash .01M
Total Value 80.00M

Central Division

Phillerdelphia Zombies (99-63)
Forbes Field '57

Pitchers T P $M
Henry, B. (1994) L P 3.56M
Larsen, D. (1956) R P 3.41M
Donald, A. (1939) R P 2.45M
Vander Meer, J. (1940) L P 1.97M
Heredia, G. (1994) R P 1.23M
Wise, R. (1964) R P .50M
Fox, T. (1961) R P 3.63M
Jackson, M. (1997) R P 1.75M
Scott, T. (1994) R P 1.06M
Weiland, B. (1934) L P .70M
Hitters B P $M
O'Neill, S. (1920) R C 5.50M
Naragon, H. (1954) L C .52M
Carew, R. (1977) L 1B 8.56M
Jones, N. (1957) R 1B .64M
Gehringer, C. (1940) L 2B 7.15M
Alomar Sr., S. (1977) S 2B .55M
Duffy, F. (1978) R 3B .54M
Travis, C. (1941) L SS 6.67M
Dahlen, B. (1896) R SS 6.66M
Strickland, G. (1954) R SS .68M
Jackson, J. (1919) L LF 7.16M
McGee, W. (1985) S CF 6.65M
Kelly, K. (1886) R RF 7.83M
Jeffcoat, H. (1949) R RF .62M
Roster Total 79.99M
Cash .01M
Total Value 80.00M

The Wrong Stuff (91-71)
Forbes Field '57

Pitchers T P $M
Martinez, P. (1997) R P 10.85M
Score, H. (1956) L P 7.91M
Ryan, N. (1986) R P 5.53M
Sadecki, R. (1961) L P 3.85M
Farmer, E. (1971) R P .54M
Lerch, R. (1982) L P .50M
Lapalme, P. (1955) L P 1.77M
Henke, T. (1992) R P 1.76M
Williams, M. (1986) L P .86M
Sambito, J. (1986) L P .55M
Hitters B P $M
Sanguillen, M. (1971) R C 3.32M
Spencer, R. (1927) R C .58M
Terry, B. (1934) L 1B 6.16M
Fox, N. (1955) L 2B 3.97M
Beckert, G. (1970) R 2B .80M
Byrne, B. (1915) R 3B .68M
Wills, M. (1962) S SS 2.49M
Delahanty, E. (1894) R LF 8.31M
Davis, T. (1962) R LF 4.34M
Coleman, V. (1985) S LF 1.18M
Gipson, C. (2001) R LF .50M
Clines, G. (1971) R CF .91M
Youngs, R. (1920) L RF 7.26M
Flick, E. (1905) L RF 5.33M
Roster Total 79.95M
Cash .05M
Total Value 80.00M

BS Detroit Overlords III (84-78)
Penmar Park (NeL)

Pitchers T P $M
Shocker, U. (1920) R P 4.78M
Langston, M. (1984) L P 4.72M
Figueroa, E. (1977) R P 4.01M
McQuillan, H. (1920) R P 2.47M
Sellers, J. (1986) R P .52M
Brandom, C. (1909) R P 3.29M
Rogers, K. (1989) L P 1.43M
Lefferts, C. (1985) L P 1.17M
Leever, S. (1909) R P 1.14M
Hitters B P $M
Kendall, J. (1998) R C 5.89M
Martinez, B. (1985) R C .53M
Garbey, B. (1984) R 1B .66M
Lajoie, N. (1904) R 2B 8.78M
Frisch, F. (1923) S 2B 7.45M
Samuel, J. (1985) R 2B .76M
Mathews, E. (1953) L 3B 8.00M
Crosetti, F. (1939) R SS 2.39M
Hamner, G. (1950) R SS .69M
Lunte, H. (1920) R SS .54M
Wilson, W. (1980) S LF 4.03M
Triplett, C. (1942) R LF .76M
Gaspar, R. (1969) S LF .72M
Jacobson, B. (1920) R CF 6.86M
Suzuki, I. (2001) L RF 7.14M
Roster Total 78.73M
Cash .11M
Total Value 78.84M

Club 33 Royals (80-82)
Forbes Field '57

Pitchers T P $M
Veale, B. (1965) L P 6.02M
Mathis, V. (NeL) L P 3.80M
Higbe, K. (1946) R P 3.74M
Benton, R. (1912) L P 3.69M
Keegan, B. (1956) R P .54M
Arroyo, L. (1961) L P 2.98M
Liska, A. (1932) R P 2.02M
Linzy, F. (1972) R P .99M
Hassler, A. (1982) L P .94M
Hitters B P $M
Petway, B. (NeL) S C 1.69M
Gooch, J. (1927) S C .82M
Todt, P. (1927) L 1B .64M
Utley, C. (2007) L 2B 5.63M
Huggins, M. (1912) S 2B 5.22M
Melillo, S. (1934) R 2B .72M
Collins, J. (1902) R 3B 4.47M
Dressen, C. (1928) R 3B .90M
Vizquel, O. (2006) S SS 6.26M
Dent, B. (1978) R SS .73M
Yastrzemski, C. (1974) L LF 5.85M
Speaker, T. (1920) L CF 10.06M
Hatcher, B. (1986) R CF .96M
Clemente, R. (1967) R RF 7.86M
Edwards, M. (1982) L RF .56M
Roster Total 77.09M
Cash .04M
Total Value 77.13M

West Division

Monmouth Hammerheads (82-80)
Penmar Park (NeL)

Pitchers T P $M
Matlock, L. (NeL) L P 7.04M
Quinn, J. (1920) R P 4.79M
Kaat, J. (1965) L P 4.52M
Suggs, G. (1911) R P 4.23M
Ruthven, D. (1984) R P .50M
Leal, L. (1985) R P .50M
Miljus, J. (1927) R P 4.66M
Carroll, C. (1975) R P 2.01M
Packard, G. (1916) L P 1.34M
Hitters B P $M
Berra, Y. (1950) L C 6.22M
Sinatro, M. (1982) R C .53M
Schmidt, B. (1909) S C .50M
Trosky Sr., H. (1940) L 1B 5.64M
Durst, C. (1927) L 1B .50M
High, A. (1924) L 2B 4.38M
Hatfield, F. (1955) L 2B .54M
Sizemore, T. (1971) R 2B .52M
Rose, P. (1975) S 3B 5.52M
O'Leary, C. (1909) R 3B .55M
Knickerbocker, B. (1934) R SS 2.71M
Oglivie, B. (1980) L LF 5.56M
Antonello, B. (1953) R LF .50M
Murcer, B. (1971) L CF 7.94M
Herman, B. (1930) L RF 8.34M
Roster Total 79.54M
Cash .16M
Total Value 79.70M

Texas Wildcatters (81-81)
Shibe Park '38

Pitchers T P $M
Blake, S. (1929) R P 1.61M
Hensley, E. (NeL) R P 1.47M
Grove, O. (1945) R P 1.38M
Caldwell, R. (1920) R P .94M
Madden, M. (1986) L P .50M
Marshall, M. (1972) R P 4.62M
Hiller, J. (1974) L P 2.85M
Klink, J. (1990) L P .98M
Booker, G. (1984) R P .50M
Candini, M. (1950) R P .50M
Hitters B P $M
Hartnett, G. (1930) R C 8.18M
Street, G. (1909) R C .50M
Connor, R. (1889) L 1B 8.55M
Bishop, M. (1926) L 2B 5.65M
Jordan, J. (1936) R 2B .50M
Allen, D. (1966) R 3B 7.88M
Tannehill, L. (1909) R 3B .56M
Wallace, B. (1902) R SS 2.95M
Santana, R. (1986) R SS .50M
Alou, J. (1973) R LF .50M
Dimaggio, J. (1941) R CF 11.57M
Hamilton, B. (1894) L CF 9.00M
Strunk, A. (1911) L CF .90M
Aaron, H. (1969) R RF 7.37M
Roster Total 79.96M
Cash .04M
Total Value 80.00M

Encinitas Swamis (76-86)
Cleveland Stadium '57

Pitchers T P $M
Schilling, C. (2002) R P 8.02M
Feller, B. (1946) R P 7.88M
Sain, J. (1947) R P 4.57M
Dauss, H. (1916) R P 4.33M
Speer, K. (1909) L P 2.37M
Byrne, T. (1956) L P 1.34M
Garber, G. (1982) R P 3.45M
Brown, L. (1934) L P 1.24M
Labine, C. (1959) R P .92M
Acosta, J. (1920) R P .80M
Hitters B P $M
Westrum, W. (1952) R C 3.31M
Killefer, B. (1915) R C .72M
Hassey, R. (1990) L C .69M
York, R. (1946) R 1B 3.26M
Gilliam, J. (1953) S 2B 4.77M
Wiggins, A. (1984) S 2B .68M
Whitney, P. (1932) R 3B 3.92M
Garciaparra, N. (2002) R SS 4.91M
Joost, E. (1940) R SS .58M
Foster, G. (1977) R LF 7.70M
Piniella, L. (1969) R LF .96M
Javier, S. (1988) S LF .77M
Rice, S. (1920) L CF 3.90M
Kaline, A. (1956) R RF 7.28M
Roster Total 78.37M
Cash .11M
Total Value 78.48M

Mission Impossible (72-90)
Minute Maid Park 2005

Pitchers T P $M
Ferriss, D. (1945) R P 3.77M
Vuckovich, P. (1982) R P 2.08M
Coombs, J. (1911) R P 2.02M
Christenson, L. (1977) R P 1.40M
Caldwell, M. (1980) L P 1.00M
Cox, D. (1987) R P .74M
Sutter, B. (1977) R P 5.71M
Roberts, D. (1979) L P 1.05M
Brabender, G. (1966) R P .93M
Rommel, E. (1929) R P .81M
Hitters B P $M
Boone, B. (1982) R C 1.63M
Fosse, R. (1973) R C .98M
Pujols, A. (2005) R 1B 7.88M
Kranepool, E. (1967) L 1B .93M
Beauchamp, J. (1972) R 1B .52M
Hornsby, R. (1929) R 2B 11.53M
Kubiak, T. (1973) S 2B .50M
Bando, S. (1973) R 3B 5.74M
Fernandez, T. (1985) S SS 2.66M
Taveras, F. (1977) R SS .50M
Cobb, T. (1912) L CF 9.99M
Van Haltren, G. (1900) L CF 3.22M
Burke, G. (1977) R CF .70M
Ruth, B. (1927) L RF 13.07M
Roster Total 79.36M
Cash .38M
Total Value 79.74M

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