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LEAGUE: Barnstormers 2016 Event #4 AD #5

Player Set: ATG 8
Skill Level: Advanced
Draft type: Auto List Draft
Salary Cap: $200,000,000
FA Drop Penalty: 5/10/20%
Managers may own multiple teams: no
DH Rule: yes
Waivers: yes
Postseason Format: 2 rounds: Best-of-7, Best-of-7
Opening Day: Monday, Jul. 4, 2016


Date Team Action
Thu, 6/30 House Baratheon Black Stags traded with Santiago Swashbucklers
Tue, 6/28 Plutonium Rooters traded with Orlando Sled Dogs
Tue, 6/28 Santiago Swashbucklers traded with Guam Typhoons
Tue, 6/28 Cleveland Comeback Kids traded with Orlando Sled Dogs

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