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Welcome to the Mock Draft lobby for Strat-O-Matic Baseball 365's Live Draft feature!

We are making these Mock Drafts available to give you a free look at how the Live Draft works and a chance to try it out at your convenience. Click on the name of one to instantly join the draft and take over one of its teams; feel free to make picks and post to the chat area for as long as you want!

Important note: Please make sure to have only one draft open at a time.

Please refer to this reference on the Live Draft and read the rest of the notes on this page if you have questions or concerns.

Available Mock Draft Pl. Set Sal. Cap Current pick Start time Active
Mock Draft '60s I Superstar Sixties $80M in 4 minutes 0/12
Mock Draft 2019 II 2019 season $80M in 4 minutes 0/12
Mock Draft ATG 9 24 TEAMS ATG 9 1901+ $999M Round 1, Pick 16 16 minutes ago 0/24
Mock Draft 2019 III 2019 season $80M Round 6, Pick 7 26 minutes ago 0/12
Mock Draft ATG 9 II ATG 9 1901+ $80M Round 23, Pick 1 76 minutes ago 1/12
Mock Draft ATG 9 III All Eras ATG 9 All Eras $999M done; resetting... 0/12
Mock Draft 2019 I 2019 season $999M done; resetting... 0/12
Mock Draft ATG 9 3-Hour Turns ATG 9 1901+ $80M 22606 minutes ago 0/12
Mock Draft '80s I Back to the '80s $80M 27266 minutes ago 0/12
Mock Draft ATG 9 I ATG 9 1901+ $999M 85686 minutes ago 0/12
Mock Draft ATG 9 + Ballpark ATG 9 1901+ $80M Round 26, Pick 6 107436 minutes ago 0/12

Technical requirements

The Live Draft does not support Internet Explorer 9 and earlier.

The Live Draft has been tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 10 and 11, on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It also works on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch using both the built-in Safari app and the Chrome app - though pay attention to the note below:

Cookies must not be blocked.

The Live Draft will work on most modern browsers without any configuration, but we've noticed that Safari, on Mac OS and the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, blocks cookies by default. If you get a message in the Chat section of the draft that says, "Cookies must be enabled", change your browser's settings per the instructions below, and then reload the page.
- Safari, Mac OS - Safari->Preferences->Privacy->Block cookies and other website data: Never

- Safari, iOS - Settings app->Safari->Block Cookies: Never


If you experience any problems with any part of the draft, or if you simply have suggestions, please feel free to email us at Include as many details about your browser and operating system as you can if you are writing to report a problem.

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