Create your own ATG 9 subsets!
You may now create your own custom player sets consisting of only the players from All-Time Greats 9 that you want! Get creative with your next theme league! Also: Shuffle the Deck is back - create a new random subset of ATG 9 with the click of a button!

Team Schedule: Beantown Witch Hunters

Game Date Opponent Box Starter Headline Watch
Semi-Finals Game 1 Mon, 8/01 @ Viruses L 9-0 Burke, B. (L) Pandemic Viruses blow out Beantown Witch Hunters, 9-0
Semi-Finals Game 2 Mon, 8/01 @ Viruses L 7-1 Breitenstein, T. (L) Pandemic Viruses defeat Beantown Witch Hunters 7-1
Semi-Finals Game 3 Tue, 8/02 Viruses W 3-0 Lake, J. (R) Beantown Witch Hunters defeat Pandemic Viruses 3-0
Semi-Finals Game 4 Tue, 8/02 Viruses L 4-2 Overall, O. (R) Pandemic Viruses beat Beantown Witch Hunters 4-2
Semi-Finals Game 5 Wed, 8/03 Viruses L 9-8 (10) Lowdermilk, G. (R) Pandemic Viruses beat Beantown Witch Hunters 9-8

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